• Meet David and Trinis.

    One dad. Two brothers. Nothing in common.

  • Mr. Ryser

    Honeybees don’t sting. Unless provoked.

  • Hi, I’m David.

    I do good things with my money. Or at least try to.

  • My name is Trinis.

    The moment you don’t have consumers the whole system collapses.

  • Hi, I’m Ciara

    Shouldn’t we be friends?

  • I’m Stephanie

    Sometimes I just wanna let go.

What is this all about?

David, a career-driven, successful business man invites his estranged halfbrother Trinis, a struggling Marxist poet, to stay in a Swiss Chalé in the hope to get to know each other. With them they bring their significant others. Trinis’ drugs smuggling girlfriend Ciara and Davids expecting wife Stephanie.

The beautiful but yet isolating Swiss Mountains bring out their differences and instinctual attractions. That forces them to come to terms with their dysfunctional relationships.


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